Complete Power and Control Over IT Assets Made Easy.

Empowering customers to manage their own devices and Business Infrastructure without the help of an IT Professional.

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    Desktop As A Server More than 30 Active Employees Multiple Accounting and Business Applications Multiple Offices.Client Critical Data Server Active Only During Office Hour
    No One Time Expense On Hardware or Technology No Worries of Server Upgrade as business grows No AMC Charges, Power and UPS costs Increased Security Increased Productivity- Access Anytime , Anywhere
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  • Cloud Estimate and Plans

    Gather Greater Insights into your Organization with the Help of Machine Learning Track your Employee Activity Silently in a Secure Process. Estimate Plans
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  • Device Management

    Secure & Manage Multiple Devices with A Single Console - Unlimited Devices Supported Track your Assets and Employee User Behaviour All your Issues can be Tracked and Monitored All Software & Hardware Asset Details will be available at a centralized location.
  • User Behaviour

    Gather Greater Insights into your Organization with the Help of Machine Learning Track your Employee Activity Silently in a Secure Process. Track your Employees Activities (Application Usage, Asset Utilization) & Login details Get Detailed Summary Reports
  • Security Logs

    Track Employee Security Logs and Get Alerts based on Severity Audit and Action Security Logs Proactively Increase productivity by ensuring optimum performance. Automate ISO -27001 Security audits and corrective actions
  • Find My Files

    Keep Track of your Precious Files across your Organization - Search Multiple Devices Simultaneously Find Files/Folders across Multiple Systems Remotely Schedule Search and Customize Search Parameters Speed up Searches by Excluding Unwanted Drives and Extensions Copy Found Files to Desired Servers
  • Device Optimization

    Get Complete Control Over Your Devices Automate Routine Maintenance of Assets Keep Assets Running - Prevent Any Unplanned Downtime Analyze Asset Details and Update Status Change Password Policies, Clean Device Cache, Disable USB Ports, Find Shared Drives and More.
  • Patch Management

    Automate end to end patching of your OS and Applications Deploy Patches Remotely and Analyze Patch Cycle Reports Install the Latest Security Patches - Eliminate Zero Day Vulnerabilities & Loop holes Ensure High Compliance Standards in your Organization
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